Secretary's Instructions

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This Secretary’s Instruction outlines the application process for a youth or person who is not a child and who has completed his or her Approved Learning Program to enrol at State school for the purposes of undertaking further education (commonly known as Year 13). It also outlines how such applications are to be assessed by a Principal.
This Secretary’s Instruction sets out the manner for determining whether a State school has the ability to accept out of intake area enrolments, the conditions that must form part of the State school’s out of intake area enrolment procedure, criteria that must be used by a State school to prioritise enrolment from outside intake area, and model out of intake area procedures.
This Secretary’s Instruction outlines the behaviour that constitutes unacceptable behaviour by students and volunteers at, and visitors to State schools and school activities, and the management of such behaviour by schools. And the processes that a Principal is to develop as the response to unacceptable behaviour, including the management of such behaviour.
This Secretary’s Instruction outlines the processes for responding to unacceptable behaviour of a student before suspension of that student may be used, processes to be followed when issuing a detention or immediate and non-urgent suspension, and the requirement for educational instruction for students during suspension.
Secretary's Instruction No 5 for Managing Absences in a State school that are not Authorised by the Education Act (2016)
This Secretary’s Instruction outlines the processes to be followed in managing the absences not authorised by Part 3 of the Education Act 2016.
This Secretary’s Instruction sets out the matters that a Principal is to take into account in developing a dress code for the students at the school.
This Secretary’s Instruction issues directions for the formation, operation and administration of school associations.
This Secretary’s Instruction specifies the requirements for delivering religious instruction when a State school chooses to offer religious instruction.
This Secretary’s Instruction authorises Principals to impose levies and charges for educational instruction and provide instruction for schools when setting and implementing levies and charges.